Staring in the Void of Patience

The Order of Dried Petals doesn't kill for personal reasons. But on the other hand, aren't tyrants that think they shall live forever their best prey?

Sometimes, it is not easy to think of what should be done.

Kara Bourejenn does not really know what to think of the fact that her two husbands were killed. The answer seemed so simple years ago, but she has had a long time to think. The trail behind the killers has long gone cold, and no one – not the City Watch, nor even the criminal underworld of Anchorfall – can make any sense of what actually happened. To further complicate the matters, Kara has since become an assassin. Which, oddly enough, means she doesn't think she can just go out and kill whoever was responsible.

But as Auria Gustawynde, a witch from far-away rural town, joins the order of assassins, Kara finally finds some key clues that she missed a long time ago. As Kara and her fellow assassins start to finally solve a long-forgotten puzzle, they soon find out that the things that previously looked hopelessly complex look rather trivial compared to the disquieting mysteries they unearth. But the troubling answers mean the journey can take only one direction – the one in the centre of the the web is somewhere ahead...

About the novel

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Staring in the Void of Patience is my National Novel Writing Month 2012 project. After 27 days and 52,195 words, the project was a rousing success. However, I think the novel succeeded in another great thing: I realised that the novel really needs more work, but on the other hand, it did have its definite highlights.

So, I'm now dedicated to adding more interesting stuff to the novel, and producing a greatly expanded and improved version. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the draft version and hopefully leave comments. Once the novel is completed, I plan to release the entire novel here under Creative Commons licence (just as the draft is currently available), as well as probably release it on Lulu if you prefer a physical book!

Note: I'm currently in "pre-NaNo-release" phase. You can download the draft already if you want. I'm still waiting for getting done the last few videos and getting the cover art done. Should be done soon! As of writing it's almost time for the next NaNoWriMo and I still haven't finished the frigging cover art. Aaa!

Get the book!

Need an EPUB reader? For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, I recommend Calibre. For Android, I recommend Cool Reader (if you prefer to read stuff off card, no matter what) and Google Play Books (if you prefer readability even if it means you have to do this modern-day "cloud" thing). The book isn't obviously available in Google Play, but you can feel free to upload it for your own pleasure.

What's going on in NaNo?

My NaNoWriMo user page has the relevant information if you want all of the official stuff.

I've babbled about the goings-on in Reddit's /r/nanowrimo as well to lesser extent in Finnish in the Finnish region NaNoWriMo forum.

Blog entries:

I've also made video logs:

Two more of them will come. I hope.


Did it win?

Yup! Crossed 50,000 word boundary on November 24, 2012, claimed victory at November 27 at 52,195 words.

Will the draft be good enough to be released?

*giant big shrug* Mmmmmaybe hell yes, or maybe yes? It's not exactly as great as I hoped it would be, but it's not a total failure. I really think there's potential for a good book here. I think it's more readable than my last year's attempt, so I guess it will be out. The draft will need tons of further work, though...

What formats will it be released in? What licence?

The NaNoWriMo novel will be released in EPUB and possibly PDF format. It will not be released as browseable HTML, unfortunately (mostly because no one will read this somewhat problematic manuscript online =).

The final novel will be released as a browseable HTML, EPUB and PDF as well as a print-on-demand book.

The book will be available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.

My previous NaNoWriMo projects

  • 2010: Dusts of Avalon
  • 2011: Who Mourns for the Lost Dream? (writing journal) - The first actually somewhat finished Avarthrel novel. Unfortunately, it needs quite a bit of cleanup before it's actually in any way presentable, but I'll release it eventually.