Kara the Assassin used to be a webcomic that I produced between 2009 and 2011.

It dealt with the exploits of Karaydhjenna Bourejenn and other merry folks of Order of Dried Petals, a group of assassins who believe that being surrounded by sudden death will give people opportunity to ponder the truly important things in life.

I planned to continue the webcomic, but it has been discontinued. I didn’t find the webcomic format worked too well for my purposes, it wasn’t really all that good comic to begin with, and, in retrospect, the jokesy jokes didn’t really mesh too well with the established canon of Avarthrel.

I believe that a complete and a less cryptic rewrite is in order, and it should probably not be released as a strip-format webcomic but rather as a full-fledged comic album.

However, for the sake of archival, you will eventually find a PDF here… once I get around to making one, that is.